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Affordable Housing Be Metwall Ghana Ltd

Affordable housing is a term that gets tossed in the media from time to time by government agencies and politicians. However, for most Ghanaians, having access to such government schemes is a mirage they can only dream of. Some of these initiatives never reach their full realization while others are wasting away for unknown reasons .

The most realistic approach, for most, is finding ways and means of building their own houses on the cheap. They hire one or two master masons plus three or four labourers to begin construction. Then they have to play hide-and-seek games with the local authorities. This path can also be unnerving and even unsafe if shoddy works and sub-par materials are tolerated. Many who took this path have also hit a ceiling due to financial constraints. The sheer number of uncompleted houses loitering our cities and towns is a testament to that.

In our previous post, we discussed some of the factors that go into estimating the cost of building a house in Ghana. To sum up, the major factors are the design of the building, labour costs, material costs, duration of construction, waste management and the level of supervision and professionalism.

So, how can you build a quality and affordable house in Ghana? How is it possible when the prices of cement, sand, iron rods and labour have and continue to inflate.

This is the question that Metwall Ghana Ltd has set out to address. We understand that accommodation is a big issue in Ghana but we also believe that accessible and affordable housing construction is one of the ways of solving our housing deficit problem.

We define affordability as something within the reach of the average working Ghanaian. Affordability doesn’t just involve the cost of building the house but the cost of maintenance and energy consumption requirement to cool and light the building.

WIth eco-friendly 1-3-bedroom designs, the use of new and innovative buildings materials, a speedy construction period and professionalism, affordable housing is now within the reach of the masses. Our use of modern technology and approach guarantees a cheaper solution than conventional ones albeit of higher quality.

This design-built solution is also designed to be stress-free as permit registration, 3D building plans, construction and an option to seek financial support from one of our partner bank are all included in the package.

Talk to our team today to find out the right solution for your budget. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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