Affordable Housing Launched, now you can build!

Building a house is one of the major challenges most working Ghanaians face on a daily basis. Construction has been marred by shoddy jobs, inflated prices, wastage of materials and investors looking to make quick returns.
Affordable housing schemes and projects have been initiated by both public agencies and private organizations but the threshold to access such projects has been unattainable for most working Ghanaians.
The recent housing fair organized by the Ghana Home Loans Bank (GHL) indicated that most real estate developers are offering products only targeted at the upper and well-endowed segment of our society. Almost all the products are priced in US dollars and the mortgage threshold to acquire such properties is well beyond the reach of most working Ghanaians.

Affordable housing seems to an afterthought.

We, Metwall Ghana Ltd, in our quest to truly redefine affordable housing for Ghanaians, have set out to lower the financial hurdle to building a house without comprising on quality, comfort and safety.
We believe that landowners across the country should be able to build 1-3 bedroom houses without resorting to the use of unprofessional personnel and shoddy jobs.

Our Affording Housing product is one that seeks to provide a stress-free building of 1-3 bedroom homes within 3 months starting from 75,000 GHC. It’s a design-and-build solution for landowners all over the country.

We build on your own land!

It frees you the burden of estimating the cost of building your house looking, paying for building plans and supervising the construction.

It’s faster, cheaper and more affordable than any offer on the Ghanaian market.
We achieve this through:
• Use of Modern Building Materials
• Use of Modern Building Techniques
• Low-Profit Margin
• Local Sourcing of Materials
• Waste Reduction in Construction
• Training and Capacity Building of Artisans
• Access to Mortgage Facility from Partner Banks

Basic features include terrazzo floor, wooden panel doors, louvres, corrugated Aluminum sheets and pitch roofing. Standard features come with sliding doors, porcelain/ceramic titles, T&G/POP ceiling, kitchen cabinets and hip roofing.



Our affordable one-bedroom Basic Package entails a spacious 70sqm floor size that is expandable to a 2-bedroom house for just 75,000 GHS. It has a spacious bedroom, living room, dining area, a kitchen and a lobby.

Two and three-bedroom packages are also available at affordable rates.

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